Where my book at?

A Traitor’s Loyalty’s listed publication date was 1 May.  As you’ll be aware if you’re one of the ones who preordered the book, that’s been delayed somewhat.  I’ve actually now heard from someone that she’s had an email from Amazon letting her know the book has failed to arrive in stock on time, and asking if she wants to wait, or if she’d rather they refund her money.

So, first point–yes, the book is absolutely still coming.  Those of you who were good enough to preorder, I thank you for your support and ask for your patience.

My publisher, Vantage Point Books, is shutting down.  Vantage Point’s parent, Vantage Press, had been a well-established vanity publisher–that is, a publisher whom authors pay to publish their books–since long before vanity publishing got rebranded as self-publishing.  They created Vantage Point last year as an effort to move into traditional, advance-paying publishing, where it’s the publisher who pays the author for the rights to publish their books.  For whatever reason, they’ve now decided they no longer want to continue that effort, so they’re discontinuing Vantage Point.

But the books already in production–that means A Traitor’s Loyalty–are still coming out as scheduled (or, apparently, a little behind schedule).  Last week I got the final proofs for the full cover and was told that it would take about ten days after I’d signed off on them for a finished book to be produced.  So I’m hoping that the book is shipping within a fortnight.

The news about Vantage Point does, unfortunately, mean that the second book on my deal with them has been cancelled.  That’s the book for which I’d written the first draft of The Zero Hour.  But I’m looking on the bright side–I’ve still got a book coming out, I’ve still got a professional publishing credit, and I also now have a first draft that I produced in record (for me) time that, once it’s been through revisions, will be ready to be shopped.

Hopefully the next time you see my name is on the front cover,


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