As publication nears

If you’ve been reading, or if you’ve been trapped in conversation with me over the past year, you know that the publication date is fast approaching for A Traitor’s Loyalty, my first novel.  (The date is, in fact, 1 May.)  And you know that I’ve spent the last two months on the first draft of the second book on my contract, tentatively titled The Zero Hour.  And you know how excited I am about both those things.

Now, I found out today that my publisher’s going through some … stuff.  And there’s some fallout from this stuff that’s going to be affecting me.  Mostly those effects have to do with the second book, not A Traitor’s Loyalty, which is still due out on time.


It’s been conveyed to me that a push on preorders and word of mouth would be a really good thing right now.  So I’m asking you guys to take a look at the book.  Just to give it a moment of your time.  Down at the bottom of this post, you can read the blurb that’ll appear on the back cover.  Maybe it’s something that intrigues you.  Maybe you know someone you think it’d appeal to.  Maybe you’ve been planning on picking up a copy but haven’t felt the need to place a preorder–if you placed one now, you’d be doing me a personal favour.

Of course, there’s a number of you guys who have already ordered it, or have already been talking about it.  You have my thanks for what you’ve already done, and, you know, feel free to go ahead and order a second copy.

Hey guys, it’s an Ian Racey first edition.  Few things are rarer than that (like an Ian Racey second edition).

A Traitor's Loyalty coverHere’s where you can order the book on Indiebound.

And on Barnes and Noble.

And on Amazon.

Twenty-five years have passed since the German victory in World War II.  Hitler has just died, unleashing a conspiracy that threatens the future of the world …

Simon Quinn walked away from a brilliant career with MI-6, the British Secret Intelligence Service, but now they have blackmailed him into returning to Berlin.  His mission: located Richard Garner, a British spy who has disappeared and is suspected of defecting.  He enlists the help of Ellie Voss, a Third Reich dissident who opposes Nazi rule but still considers herself a German patriot.

But when Quinn and Ellie discover the true reason Garner went into hiding, everything changes for them.  Now, pursued by both the Gestapo and MI-6, Simon Quinn must choose, not between his country and treason, but between the brutal Nazi leaders battling for the succession: Reinhard Heydrich, the key architect of the Final Solution, and Heinrich Himmler, chief of the SS and Gestapo.  For this British spy, it is a choice that will test even …

A Traitor’s Loyalty.

Hitler said his Reich would last a thousand years.


3 Responses to As publication nears

  • Diane says:

    You got it, dude. I'd offer to cross my fingers for you, but, well.

  • Marta L. says:

    I was in the "planning to buy but haven't gotten around to it" group, a situation that's now been rectified. I actually saw a draft of a few chapters (you'd lent them to Katie), and I was impressed; quite aside from the joy of having a book where you know the author personally.

    I'll also give a shout-out on my blog when I get back from Boston on Monday night. A friend is defending her dissertation and I promised to keep her sane this weekend so I'm heading out in a few hours.

  • Ian Racey says:

    Thanks, Marta.

    I wonder if the pages you've seen weren't from Inheritance, which I think is the only manuscript I've shown Katie. Inheritance is a second-world fantasy novel, somewhere between epic fantasy and mannerpunk. I've actually just finished going through rewrites on it with my agent, and of the three full manuscripts I've ever actually completed, it's probably (in its rewritten form) the piece of work I'm most proud of.

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A Traitor's Loyalty Cover

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