Anyone out there have any experience with I’m thinking about trying it out and wondering what others have found. My main concern is with OpenOffice Writer, and with using it professionally. Am I going to any issues with sending OpenOffice documents to my agent, or to publishers or editors? Any experience anyone has to share is great.


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  • kb says:

    Follow the link, indeed. I was just waiting for the baby to fall asleep. It's too hard to comment from the cell phone. 🙂

    I use OpenOffice exclusively, and have a lot of experience with interoperability. In general OpenOffice Writer's mimicking of MSOffice document formats is rather good. Opening others' documents formatted in MSOffice usually produces something quite readable, and saving my documents in .doc, though it pains me, seems to get good results. If perfect formatting is an issue, especially with extensive footnoting, I usually send pdfs. (MSOffice produces very poor footnotes in double-spaced text — their algorithm to determine the page to footnote on is messed up.)

    So in short, using OpenOffice will probably require a little more thought about your file formats, but should not impede your professional correspondence. Honestly probably the best way you could check this is by having me send you a chapter of my dissertation or something else that I wrote in OpenOffice, formatted in pdf, doc, and rtf, and let you look at the results for yourself. Let me know if you want me to do this.

  • I says:

    Kim, that would be awesome, thank you. I gave Matt my email address the other day.

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