Emerges, blinking, into the light

Margaret of FranceIt always amazes me how, when I’ve spent the last weeks or months immersed in the world of some video game, neglecting everything else in my life, I’ll wake up one morning and it’s just … gone. Time to move on.

I’ve spent the past six weeks spending most of every day playing Football Manager 08, first as the manager of FC Nantes (a Ligue 2 championship, two French League Cups and a French championship in four years) then of Halifax Town (promotion from the Conference to League One in three seasons, plus the FA Trophy, Setanta Shield and League Two championship).

But today I seem to be done, and it’s time to get back to the real world. To reading blogs and Twitter. And email. I don’t think I’m quite ready to sit down and starting writing yet, but I’m ready to do something other than manage an underfunded football club. Which might mean a surfeit of blog posts over the next few days, about our trip to the circus on Boy’s birthday, or our trip to Romano’s Maccaroni Grill on my birthday (the day before yesterday), or about my mother’s visit.

Besides, there’s stuff to do. Train tickets to book and Oyster Cards to purchase. And I really should try to figure out what that smell is in the kitchen.

Today I ordered plug adapters, so I can plug my laptop into a British wall socket. It really turned out to be much harder to find that sort of thing than it should have been–neither Target nor Best Buy had suitable ones in the store, nor, so far as I could figure out, do Target, Best Buy, Radio Shack or Sears have them online.


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