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On a Clear Night by Missy HigginsSince we’re always prone to share poor customer service stories, I always think it’s important to share good ones, too.

One of the recommendations I’ve had from playing the Alphabet Game has been from Diane, for Australian singer-songwriter Missy Higgins. I’d never heard of Higgins before, but after giving her a listen I added her two albums to our to-buy list.

Today Amazon included her second album on their Friday Five–an offer where five albums get offered for five dollars apiece every Friday. But when I clicked on the link to buy the album, I discovered that, despite the advertisement, it was still priced at its regular price, $9.99. The other four of the Friday Five had had their prices set to $5, just not this one.

Diane let me know that she’d notified Amazon of this via their customer service form, and had got a note back letting her know that she’d be credited back $5.97 (which is weird, both because $5.97 isn’t really an amount relevant to any part of the discussion, and because Diane hadn’t actually bought the album. I’m going to assume they ended up not paying her six bucks just for noticing them of a pricing discrepancy on their website.) So I figured what the heck, bought the album at $9.99 and then notified Amazon that I’d been overcharged.

A while later I got a note back, agreeing with me that I’d been charged $4.99 more than I should have. Due to the nature of the MP3 download purchase process, I was told, a partial refund was impossible, so they were simply refunding me the entire $9.99.

Now, I know that Amazon had the album prominently displayed on their Friday Five promotion, but the album’s actual page also made it quite clear that it was still priced at $9.99. So if a partial refund was impossible, Amazon could still have made the perfectly legitimate argument that I shouldn’t have gone ahead and spent ten dollars and that there was nothing they could do. I think it’s pretty cool that they didn’t.

In the interim, I’d also noticed that today Amazon has the Who album Who Are You on sale for just $1.99, so I went ahead and bought that. That means that today, I bought 25 songs from Amazon (26 if you count the free song that comes with installing their MP3 downloader) for $1.99–or eight cents a song. Amazon made me very happy today.

By the way, the price point on the Missy Higgins album has now been corrected to $5.


2 Responses to Props to Amazon

  • Lindsay says:

    I LOVE AMAZON. I do so much of my shopping there that I am a prime member and I love the unlimited free 2 day shipping.
    Any time I’ve had to contact customer service which has been about 4 times they have immediately sent me replacement items by overnight. It is amazing.

  • I says:

    Yeah, I’m impressed. At the moment I still prefer iTunes because Amazon’s downloads are in mp3 while iTunes’ are mp4, but if Amazon switch over to a lossless format, I’d probably switch over to them on the strength of today.

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