Technologic considerations

William IIMe? Use my blog as a to-do list for our trip to England? Never.

There are three electronic devices I’m tied to–the phone, the iPod and the laptop.

The phone. A call to T-Mobile should get the phone enabled for international service. We’ll need to buy an adaptor for the charger, of course, but that’s easily taken care of. I wonder if my phone can charge through its USB cord.

I am curious what to do about Twitter, since (especially if I’ve got no laptop) I plan on twittering quite freely from the phone. Can I just use the normal American text number? Do I have to prepend the US international code to it? Do I use the UK number instead?

The iPod. If we don’t take the laptop, I’ll just buy a wall charger for the iPod. A US wall charger is $40 from the Apple Store, whereas an international wall charger–with adaptors for America, Britain, Europe and Australia–is just ₤23 (or around 32 bucks). What I’m actually most worried about with the iPod is keeping it charged for the initial trip. We have nine hours between liftoff from Reagan National and landing at Heathrow, then a two and a half hour train trip to Durham or Gateshead. I’d like to make pretty liberal use of the iPod during that trip, but it seems like potentially a tough haul for its battery.

Which brings us to the laptop. Vitally important for two purposes–the word processor and the internet. I assume that once we move down to Shenley and Hungerford, I’ll be able to use my uncle and aunt’s computers, respectively, but that won’t be an option our first week, at a hotel in the North East–which is exactly when I expect I’ll have the most time to fill on my own, with Lisa and Boy asleep in the hotel room. But I’m not sure if four days in the North East justify the hassle of bringing my laptop all the way with us to England. The closest internet cafe to the Gateshead Marriott is in the High Street, which is a twenty minute bus ride away.

Anyone have any thoughts on the laptop?


5 Responses to Technologic considerations

  • Diane says:

    I know they can be a pain to get through security nowadays, and they can pretty much look at whatever they please on there, so keep that in mind. On the other hand, I would LOST without my internets. Tough call.

  • Diane says:

    BE lost. Go me.

  • Nicole says:

    I would take the laptop. But I take mine everywhere, so I don’t know how much that counts for. You never know what being in a foreign-ish setting will do for your writing. If you suddenly get inspired to knock out the first 100 pages of the thriller or something, are you really going to want to do that longhand?

  • I says:

    It’s not security that worries me (I fly with my laptop all the time, albeit I’ve never done it internationally), so much as that I probably can’t leave it in the room unattended. I’ve had much heavier laptops than the one I have now, but I still don’t fancy lugging it all around Beamish or Durham all day long.

    That said, I’m (very tentatively) leaning toward taking it right now. It’ll give me a way to charge the iPod en route, but more importantly, when Lisa and Paul go down for their naps (me? Treat a six-month pregnant woman like a toddler?), I’d much rather be downstairs in the lobby or across the street at a hotspot than a half-hour away by bus at the internet cafe on the High Street.

  • Dad says:

    I leave mine in the hotel room all the time, but if you’re really bothered when you’re out for the day, you can always leave it in the hotel safe, though I’m not sure if the staff would be able to retrieve it whenever you need it – any time of day or night. That said, you should have travel insurance for lost or stolen belongings AND you should back up all your important files on your USB thumb drive – if it’s not big enough, they’re cheap enough now to get a new one! It is small enough to carry with you…but don’t lose it! 😉

    natess” – how tidy it is when the new baby comes home!

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